Let us help you to prepare your job interview

For companies:


The expatriate failure can rate between 30% to 50%. Many studies have proven that most of the premature returns are due to a bad adaptation of the expatriates or their family to the new culture.

Preparation before moving to new destination can be the clue between success and failure and failure.

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 For individuals:

Job interviews are always a stressful situation, even more when the interview is not on your own language. Practicing and finding which our weak points are, can help us to improve our performance, reduce our tension and show our best selves on a job interview.


We can help you to prepare a job interview for a specific job on English, German or Spanish to gain confidence with the language and the culture. 


We can review your CV to adapt it to the culture of the country of the company that you want to apply for


Also through Skype.


Special prices if you are unemployed.